Newton Vineyard

Newton Vineyard

Newton Vineyard

Newton has been pioneer of Spring Mountain, Napa Valley since its creation in 1977. Pioneer also in Unfiltered winemaking, an innovative approach to capture the essence of the vineyard. The estate encompasses vineyards in some of the most recognized AVAs in the Napa Valley, in Spring Mountain, Yountville and Mt Veeder, where Newton focuses on precision viticulture and plot by plot approach.

Creation date: 1977
Estate Director: Jean-Baptiste Rivail
Head office: 2555 Madrona Ave St Helena CA 94574 - USA
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Established in 1977, Newton Vineyard was one of the first wineries in Spring Mountain. ​Dr Su Hua and Peter Newton, who recognized the potential of Spring Mountain as a prime viticulture region, purchased one square mile that same year, and founded Newton. Newton pioneered Unfiltered Winemaking in the United States, a technique now recognized for enhancing the terroir, complexity and ageing potential. This technique is now part of Newton’s DNA. Commitment to Unfiltered wines reflects a painstaking approach and belief that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Spring Mountain is the original Newton vineyard with the winery at its heart. Spring Mountain is characterized by an intricate patchwork of plots, variable aspects, soils types, interspersed with tracts of natural forest. ​Yountville is the estate’s hillside vineyard, on the lower slopes and foothills of the Mayacamas Mountains. ​Mt Veeder is in the Mayacamas Mountains. Powerful forces and a will of nature create a unique combination of elements, pre-determined to defy the norm.

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First released in 1994 with the vintage 1992, Puzzle was originally produced from a parcel shaped like a piece of puzzle and later blended from 112 plots’ finest grapes.
Puzzle is a classic Bordeaux blend from the Newton Estate, showcasing the variety of soils and exposures. One of the wines that made the reputation of the Spring Mountain district.

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“Spring mountain is not just one of the most intangible assets of Newton, it is also its reason of being. As a matter of fact, Su-Hu and Peter Newton decided to establish their winery here in 1977 on the hillsides of Napa, to create a new style based on this exceptional terroir. The quest for this unique style lead to two key founding principles: a pioneering spirit and a deep respect for nature.”


2020年欧冠小组赛Newton is Napa Green Certified. This certification is conferred by The Chairman of the Napa County Board of Supervisors when a business exceeds normal compliance levels required in the valley. At Newton, the system of ponds on the estate is to store winter rains for use in summer irrigation. Newton preserves energy with a natural temperature control system via an elaborate cave system, spanning vertical levels and avenues, which is used for maturing Newton’s wines in barrel. The rooftop parterre garden, planted with herbs and roses, provides insulation for the Chardonnay room, maintaining cool temperatures and humidity.

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2020年欧冠小组赛In harmony with nature, the Newton Vineyard estate strives to reduce its environmental impact during all the stages of the wine-making process. Parcels of vineyards are actually integrated into the indigenous vegetation in order to preserve the hillside’s ecosystem. In addition, the estate’s cellars have been built so that they regulate their temperature naturally, thus reducing energy consumption on the estate. Finally, all organic waste (grape stalks, pips, etc.) are collected and composted to be re-used as natural fertilizers in the vineyards. All glass and plastic waste is also recycled.

Key figures

  • 1990 The Newtons release their first Unfiltered wine
  • 112 Number of parcels used in the production of The Puzzle
  • 80% The proportion of Newton’s winery built underground