François Guisnet

Directeur de production,
2020年欧冠小组赛 Moët & Chandon

François Guisnet has always placed priority on the product and the people who make it.

“After earning an engineering degree from the Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers I wanted to work in an area with direct contact with the product, because I believe that’s the best way to really understand how a company really operates. This is especially true at LVMH, where products reflect the DNA of the different Houses and where everyone focuses their full energies on product quality.

2020年欧冠小组赛I began in procurement and packaging development at Kenzo Parfums and then Guerlain, where I selected the best suppliers and technical solutions to meet the requirements of our creative teams and integrate the latest innovations.

2020年欧冠小组赛Then at Guerlain I had a chance to move into operations, first as director of the Orphin fragrances production site, where I honed my management skills, and subsequently as Supply Chain Director, working with subsidiaries around the world.

Now I’ve discovered a new sector at LVMH, Wines & Spirits. As Director of Production at Moët & Chandon, my role is to inspire excellence at the four production sites and among their teams in terms of safety and security, quality and service. My team and I place considerable importance on the quality of human relations and on skills development. We’re extremely proud to work each day for an exceptional Maison with exceptional products, and to contribute together to building the future of tradition.” ”